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UDDIPAN’s Agriculture based Programme


Bangladesh is an agro based country. Agriculture was considered to be the backbone of the Bangladesh economy at the time of its independence since about half of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would come from this sector. About 70% people involve directly or indirectly in agriculture.

    UDDIPAN has been taken initiatives in 2009 for increasing production, food security and create employment opportunities through increasing investment in agriculture sector.

Funding Partner:

Palli Karma sahayak Foundation (PKSF) and Commercial Banks.

Project Period:

Started in June 2009 to ongoing.

Working areas:

The Program at first started from Nazirpur, Jonail branch at Nator district and Homna, Madia, Baruara, Nangalkote branch at Comilla district as of June 2009. At present this program has been implemented in 23 district through 140 branches.


Small & marginal farmer who have 0.2 hectare of land.

Goal of the UDDIPAN Agriculture based Programme:

Poverty reduction & enhance agricultural production through mobilisation & formation of village based organization.

Key objectives of the UDDIPAN Agriculture based Programme:

  • To enhance skills of small and marginal farmers through training and demonstration on advance technological system of knowledge to produce crops & vegetables in their land.
  • to disseminate improved technology for creating greater awareness among the small holder farmers for greater audience to replicate.
  • to increase the management capacity of the small and marginal farmers for improving the family farming practice on agriculture.
  • to help the small farmers to grow High Yielding Variety (HYV) Crops, vegetables, fisheries and livestock in their small farmyard in order to meet their household necessity at household level and address their poverty issues by themselves.
  • to enhance financial ability provide credit support to the small and marginal farmer for crops & vegetables cultivation and livestock & fisheries sector.
  • to assist the farmers to grow more food in small farmyard and earn maximum profit so that they can address their increased food security threat by them.
  • to sustain economically identify production level, farm management and marketing problems at farm level. Exchange informational among farmers, extension staff, input suppliers and marketing agent.

UDDIPAN’s Approach for improvement of agriculture sector:

UDDIPAN might improve Agriculture sector in Bangladesh by following approaches. A Five Stages approach for farmer groups is intended:

First stage: Transfer of selected promising agricultural technologies in UDDIPAN’s potential area for increasing agricultural productivity.

Second stage: Help experience sharing with neighbour’s farmers on the technology adoption and promoting bio-intensified agriculture practices.

Third stage: Promoting high value agricultural (HVA) commodities contract farming linking agri-business enterprises.

Fourth stage: Capacity building of stakeholders.

Fifth stage: Provide inputs and credit support.

Key activities:

1) Mobilize the small & marginal farmer and formation of village based organization: UDDIPAN mobilizes the small & marginal farmers at the rural level. UDDIPAN also formes village based organizations for providing technical supports.

2) Issues Based Meeting: UDDIPAN always organize issue based meeting to aware the farmers in different issues; like Modern Technology, flood & salient tolerant variety, marketing, storage etc.

3) Skill Training: UDDIPAN organizes agriculture based skill development training course for the beneficiaries.

4) Established demonstration plot/pond/farm: UDDIPAN has established some demonstration plot/pond/farm on different agriculture based IGAs named mixed culture of fish (major carps and cat fish), salient tolerant rice variety, vegetable cultivation, vermy compost preparation etc.

5) Exposures visit: UDDIPAN organized two exposure visits for fish cultivar farmers under value chain development project at the year of July’12 to June’13.

6) Day observations/Field Days: One hundred fifty UDDIPAN’s farmer were attended the three day observations which were arranged fisheries department of Natore district.

7) Input support: UDDIPAN has provided different types of input among 435 farmers. these inputs are Seed, Pheromone trap, Urea applicator machine, Purus pipe, goat, sheep, grass cutting, poultry, vermy and bashak leaf cutting..

8) Provide loan support: UDDIPAN has provided loan to the beneficiaries in different agriculture based IGAs like-Crops, livestock, Fisheries, agricultural equipment, food processing etc.

Achievement of Agriculture Programme:

SL. NO Particulars 2012-2013 2011 - 2012
01. Number of District 23 23
02. Number of Upazila 87 87
03. Number of Branches 125 114
04. Number of V.O formation 2751 1965
05. Number of Group Client 28067 22295
06. Group Client’s Saving (Million taka) 10.37 7.06
07. Loan Disbursed (Million tk.) 1,292.10 731.82

Type of Loan Disbursement:

Type of Loan Disbursement Amount in Tk.
Crop 59,86,43,000
Fisheries 5,49,14,000
Livestock 63,70,06,000
Agriculture Equipment 15,37,000
Total 129,21,00,000

Beneficiaries training on Agriculture:

SL. NO Name of training No of Batch Total No. of Male Total No. of female Total No. of trainees
01. Agriculture based training 83 0 2075 2075
02. Training on livestock 106 0 2650 2650
0.3 Training on fisheries 52 1160 150 1310
  Total: 241 1,160 4,875 6,035


  • A new technology can be easily adapted in an area, if it is more profitable than existing technology.
  • At first, farmers do not want to receive any new technology due to their ignorance about the technology. A demonstration plot helps to build up their confidence.
  • Market linkage and marketing facilities is a fundamental issue for getting proper price of a product.
  • For selecting a new technology, it should be considered the farmer’s behaviour, attitude, culture, resources and natural calamities.
  • Pricing is the more important factor to produce more production.


  • Introduce vermy compost preparation.
  • Introduce and extension of medicinal plant of Bashak leaf.
  • Introduce and adaptation Maize plus potato cultivation technology in Daudkandi Upazila.
  • Extension of major carps and golda shrimps in perennial ponds and major carps & cat (shing magur) fish.



  • Bashak leaf production,
  • Maize cultivation,
  • Maize + Potato cultivation,
  • Vermy compost preparation,
  • Beef fattening,
  • Mixed fish culture in perennial ponds.

Good Practice:

  • Organic fertilizer preparation and use.
  • Pheromones trap use for insect control.
  • Vermy compost preparation and use.
  • Herbal insecticide use.