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Human Resource Management Division(HRMD)


The sustainability of an organization depends on its Human resource, economical strength and policies. UDDIPAN Management believes that a well develop and organized human resource is the key component of the organization and these resources can make a positive contribution to achieve the organizational goal. Human resource management division (HRMD) of UDDIPAN is working as a strategic and coherent partner of the management to maximize job satisfaction, increase transparency, ensure friendly work environment and make sure procedural fairness for all employees.

The HRMD has published the Human Resource Management Policies (HRMP) which came into effect from October 01, 2005 (As a dynamic in nature this HR Policy has been updated rules and regulations when it necessary).

Over 30 years of operation UDDIPAN covers 1,288 Unions at 166 Upazilas of 37 Districts and 6 divisions handle by 227 branches under 12 regional offices divided into 2 zonal office managed by Head quarter at Dhaka. 2,958 staffs (as on June, 2014) are working to accomplish the organizational vision. To manage these numbers of staffs 8 members of Human Resources (HR) Professionals headed by a Deputy Director works dedicatedly. Regional team also assists to implement different HR Issues.

Goal of Division:

HRMD of UDDIPAN committed to excellence in action by attracting, retaining, and developing a group of talented and diverse individuals In support of the organizational mission and vision

Specific Objectives:

  • Maintain a congenial and harmonious working environment throughout the organization by inducing Values, Team spirit, Fairness & transparency at all activities.
  • Ensure equal opportunities for all employees regardless to their gender, race, cast and religion.
  • Ensure human resources are employed cost-effectively.
  • Facilitate optimum level of staff development, talent management and ensure optimum utilization of the human resources.
  • Ensure Performance management system to increase employee’s productivity, rewards and incentive link to Performance Management.
  • To ensure flexibility and adaptability to manage change and innovation in response to rapid changes consequent upon globalization.
  • Considers the actual requirement of the staff for the organization. Because overstaffing is wasteful and expensive, and understaffing leads to loses of the organization economics and profits.

Key activities:

  • Prepare workforce plan for fiscal year.
  • Attract potential candidates for different jobs; coordinate the recruitment and selection process.
  • Identify Training Needs (TNA) and ensure training and development.
  • Maintain Human Resource Information System (HRIS).
  • Ensure performance driven compensation and evaluations for employees; reward and punishment system as per manual.
  • Ensure compliance at all level employees.
  • Handle employee grievance and manage Conflict.
  • Handle all legal issues through regional team.
  • Long-term employee Management through succession planning, job security, friendly working environment, etc.
  • Review HR policy.

Staff Strength:

The organization has a team of 2,958 staff members, of which 713 are female and 2,245 are male. They have been facilitating & servicing the families of target populace to plan and implement a variety of development programs.

Staff Position As on June 2013:

Name of Program
No. of Employees (Staff)
01. MFP(Full Time) 1,470 427 1,897
02. contractual/Project 490 210 700
03. Others/Service Staff(Full Time) 284 76 360
  TOTAL 2,245 713 2,958

Significant achievements:

  • Developed HR policy.
  • Established web based HRIS software.
  • Established software base attendance system at Head Office.
  • Conducted an action research to analyze the reason of staff drop out.
  • Established Key Performance Indicator (KPI) based appraisal system.