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UDDIPAN Annual Report


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UDDIPAN over the last 15 years- Timeline 

1997 -1998:
• Started the new project tilled ``Coastal Fisher-folk Development Program (CFDP)’’
• Carried out huge relief & rehabilitation program in the flood-affected areas.

1998 -1999:
• CDP expanded in Bheramara working area.
• Consolidation of existing programs.

1999 -2000: 
Consolidation of major ongoing activities by adopting strategic plan for future program intervention.

2000 -2001:
Started a number of new social development programs like:
• Strengthening Household & Access to Bari Gardening Extension (SHABGE)
• Arsenic Mitigation and Water Supply Project (AMWSP)
• Grihayan Tahabil (GT)
• Competency Based Economies Through Formation Of Enterprise (CEFE) 
• Livelihood Project for Fisheries Household (LPFH)

2001 -2002:
• A new program on micro enterprise Development introduced.
• 2nd phase of CDP undertaken with further expansion in 4 new areas.

2002 -2003:
Innovative program namely ``Mobilization of Religions Leaders against Human Trafficking’’ introduced with a view to reduce the member of human trafficking in the traffic prone areas.

2003 -2004:
• Expanded MFDP program in new areas 
• Massive relief and rehabilitation program carried out in flood affected UDDIPAN area 
• Introduced BREAD-II 
• Community Mobilization Program Involving Imams in Anti-Trafficking (COMPIAT) Projects in 20 traffic prone districts launched.

2004 -2005:
• Programs of UDDIPAN extended to 25 districts 
• HRD & HRM policy adopted 
• Introduced IT based financial management & information systems
• Joined two national level inter ministerial committees lead by MOHA

2005 -2006:
Undertaken new projects as stated below :
• Agriculture Technology Transfer Project (ATTP) 
• Strengthening Household Ability to Respond to Development Opportunities (SHOUHARDO)
- Expansion of Micro Finance Program covering 28 district
- Received membership of Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN)

2006 -2007:
• Construction of UDDIPAN HO Building started.
• Huge relief and recovery support projects in SIDR affected areas undertaken.
• Relief support provided to flood affected districts
• Introduced programs like:
- Programmed Initiatives for Monga Eradication (PRIME) 
- Micro finance Support Intervention for Food Security for Vulnerable Group Development (FSVGD)
- Rehabilitation of Non-Motorized Transport Pullars and Poor Owners (RNPPO)
- Special Assistance for Housing of SIDR Affected Borrowers (SAHOS)
- Prevention and Protection of Victims of Human Trafficking in Bangladesh (PPVHT-B))
- Remittance and Payments Partnerships (RPP)
- Rehabilitation of SIDR Affected Coastal Fishery, Small Business and Livestock Enterprises (RESCUE)
- Child Led Organizations Promoting Child Rights (CLOPCR))
- Child Friendly Safe Space
• Received PKSF award from chief advisor as best partner organization

2007 -2008:
• ICAB Award for 'Best Published Accounts and Reports.

New projects introduced:
• Remittance and Payments Challenge Fund (RPCF)
• Micro Initiative for Mutual Enabling (MIME) 
• Funding from new donors like UNICEF Bangladesh, Novib, Oxfam, Rabobank etc. received.

2008 -2009:
• ICAB Award for 'Best Published Accounts and Reports.
• Community-based work to Develop Child Protection Mechanism (CDCPM) undertaken with the assistance of UNICEF.
• The scope & volume of Microfinance increased.
• Training programs strengthened.

2009 -2010:
• ICAB Award for 'Best Published Accounts and Reports.
• Opening and running of ‘Kafe Mukti’ undertaken with the assistance of IOM to rehabilitate traffic survivors. 
• Sheep Breeding Farm established.

2010 -2011:
• New branches opened 
• Taken over MFP of an NGO namely ‘Good Earth’ in Comilla
• Undertook new projects like;
• Remittance in 42 branches in collaboration with IFIC Bank.
• Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Household Towares Elimination of their Poverty(ENRICH)
• Education to Protect Child and Youth Labours in Agriculture(EPCYLA)
• Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
• Programmed Initiatives for Monga Eradication (PRIME-South)
• Grass Cultivation
• Established Child Rights Governance Assembly(CRGA) Secretariat at UDDIPAN H.Q.

2011 -2012: 
New programs like the following initiated: 
• Rural Urban Child Migration Project (RUCMP)-Link 
• Gender Action Learning System (GALS) Project.
• Shyammo