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Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

Project title:

UDDIPAN TVET Project Empowering Vulnerable Youngsters of the Port City of Chittagong in Bangladesh

Project’s Background:

Chittagong is the main port and a major economic hub of Bangladesh. With a population of over 6.5 million people, it is the second largest city in the country. The city is sometimes called the "the commercial capital of Bangladesh." UDDIPAN launched development program in Chittagong in 1991.

Under the Poverty Alleviation Programme, UDDIPAN has given top priorities to skill training to the target population in order to increase the employment opportunities and increase income by undertaking Income generating Activities (IGA). It has initiated two TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) centres to involve 5000 children & youth in hazardous child labour in Bashkhali under Chittagong and Daudkandi under Comilla district with the following trade:


    1. Mobile Phone Servicing,
    2. Electrical & Electronics,
    3. Basic Computer Application,
    4. Tailoring ,
    5. Packaging , 6. Poultry & Livestock Rearing,
    7. Nursery,
    8. Candle making,
    9. Screen printing ,

Considering the above factors, UDDIPAN has conducted a perception study to understand knowledge and awareness about TVET so that it would be easier to determine strategy for training and other services relating to TVET in Chittagong areas. Some key features of this study are presented below:


Justifications of the Project:

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is an important tool to improve the employability of individuals, increase productivity in industry and reduce poverty.

In Bangladesh, however, the TVET system is hampered by inadequate links with industry, outdated curricula and delivery strategies, and little flexibility to respond to training needs at the local level. Bangladesh has an outdated national skills standard that lacks international compatibility. No system is in place to provide employers with reliable signals of the skill levels of job applicants. TVET is highly centralized but poorly coordinated, with multiple ministries and private enterprises offering training courses without common curricula or standards. Private training institutions are not regulated. Instructors generally lack practical experience and classroom equipment, so they teach mainly theory. TVET managers and teachers often fail to recognize their roles in promoting employment and employability. Enrolment in regular TVET courses requires the completion of grade VIII or higher, which effectively excludes a large proportion of the working-age population. Formal apprenticeships are almost non-existent; instead, many young people engage in non-formal apprenticeships, for which there is no quality control or system for recognizing their learning. Training is supply driven because there is a lack of data on the demand for Bangladeshi workers and the skills needed, both domestically and abroad.


Overall Objective of the Project:

Youngsters (boys and girls) from vulnerable and poor families in Chittagong port city have better livelihood opportunities with skills.

Project Purpose - 01:

Increased capacity on technical and vocational education and training (welding & fabrication, Electrical trade, Electronics trade, SEWING (Leather), SEWING (Garments) trade and computer & English Language) of youngsters (boys and girls) from vulnerable families for gainful employment.


Project Purpose - 02:

Contributed through programme research and documentation of best practices which have been adopted and replicated in public sector and used for policy change for increasing employment.

Target group:

    1. Vulnerable young people with no income and/or poor income,
    2. Drop out young people from school,
    3. Youth ageing between 14-25,
    4. Slum dwellers,
    5. Marginalized poor families,


Geographical coverage:

In consideraiton with target population and TVET focused interventions, Chittagong Port city areas and its periphery where slum dwellers and industrial set-up exist will cover as target areas.

Project Period:

o 3 years (starting date : 1st October 2013)

Course Duration:

Name of Trades Total Duration
Welding and Fabrication 12 months with 3 month apprenticeship
Electronics 12 months with 3 month apprenticeship
Electrical 12 months with 3 month apprenticeship
Leather sewing Machine Operator 6 months with 3 month apprenticeship
Garments sewing Machine Operator 6 months with 3 month apprenticeship

Organogram of TVET Project


Financial Partner:

Terre des Hommes - Netherlands

Case study:

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