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In Bangladesh, presently 68% of the total population (including renewable energy) has access to electricity. Government has prioritized to power sector and electricity generation with a view to achieve 10,000MW. Even our Government committed to provide access to affordable and reliable electricity to all by the year 2021. In fact, by 2021, the Renewable Directive in Bangladesh mandates that 20 per cent of energy must come from renewable sources.

Uddipan Energy- is a clean-tech organization focus on advanced efficient energy technologies. Our principal mandate is to accelerate the continuous improvement and commercialization of smart renewable energy and community development product for a better Bangladesh.

UEL’s objectives:

  • To provide renewable, sustainable, reliable and affordable complete energy solution to all.
  • Continuous product development with innovation and serve the un-served area and market with renowned advance technology solution to ensure the best rate of return on Investment for the company and same for the beneficiary.
  • To ensure the socio economical development through offering different products like, Laptop, IT Equipment, Affordable Consumer Electronics and so many things under R&D.

UEL Expertise:

  • Latest Water pumping technology
  • Solar Irrigation System
  • Post and Pre Harvest processing
  • Solar Home System
  • Technological support in manufacturing, renovating, creating, and lightning.


  • 3,945 numbers of Solar Home System (SHS) already installed up to 30 June 2014.

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